Terramodel with Field Data Module

Field Data module

Terramodel starts with Field data module (FDM). FDM provides the basic tools for downloading, uploading, importing, exporting, viewing, measuring and editing survey and CAD data.

Every Terramodel includes FDM. No security key (dongle) is required to run FDM.

All your team including field parties, managers, designers and drafties can run Terramodel FDM on Windows.


Other modules and Geocomp Update

If you have purchased other Terramodel modules, attach your security key after installation to enable those modules.

If you have current Customer Care Membership, also download and install the latest Geocomp Update.


Use Terramodel Field Data module to

      • Import, export, compute, display and measure field survey data.
      • Create maps in seconds – not hours, and transfer more complete information back to the ofice, saving you time and money.
      • Automatically establish breaklines, line types, colours and symbols from your survey codes.
      • Communicate with a large range of instruments and data formats, or configure to suit your own.
      • Edit your raw survey data.
      • Convert to and from many formats including AutoCAD .dwg and dxf.
      • Adjust 2D and 3D networks.
      • View Terramodel projects in plan and sections.
      • Create and edit Terramodel objects.
      • Configure roadways.
      • Show a DTM layer in perspective.
      • Compute accurate cut and fill earthwork volumes between two surfaces.
      • Add photos and logos
      • Make field data available to every one who needs to see your survey.
      • Write your own commands.


Download and install Terramodel

Download Terramodel (400MB), and extract the files from the zip. Then install Terramodel 10.61 using the installation menu supplied with the files.



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Terramodel User Guide and Field Data Module User Guide are supplied with Terramodel.

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