Terramodel RoadEngPak

RoadEngPak provides construction surveyors, field engineers and project managers with the tools required for tracking as-built volumes, site planning and construction set-out.

Modules in the RoadEngPak are Field Data, CAD, COGO, Contour, Site Design and Roadway. This is the same as DesignPak plus Roadway.


The Roadway module is loaded with features like the ability to layout a road along multiple alignments, automatic interpolation of cross sections every time the DTM changes, interactive graphical template editing and much more.

Design any road up to and including complex freeways.


Draft, report, map and convert coordinate systems. Includes commands added by Geocomp Systems.

Site Design

Site Design offers the most complete DTM surface design tools available.

Calculate accurate cut and fill volumes from the terrain model without extracting cross sections.

Experiment with different layouts quickly and easily to find the perfect design.

Field Data  

Import, export, display and measure field survey data. Includes 3D Visualizer, Image Manager Lite and Terramodel Macro Language.

Additional Modules

Other modules that you can add to RoadEngPak are ASAP, Hydrology, Sewer, Image manager, Visualizer and Hydrographic mapping.


Customer Care Membership

Join Customer Care Membership from Geocomp Systems and renew each year for continuous customer support and our latest Geocomp Updates.

All Terramodel Paks sold by Geocomp Systems include our Customer Care Membership for at least three months. Even if you do not renew, you keep your Terramodel modules and your Geocomp Update with hundreds more commands!



To buy Terramodel Paks, modules or Customer Care Membership, please contact Geocomp Systems.

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