Terramodel Visualizer

Visualizer is an interactive project-visualization tool that displays Terramodel files as 3D models.

If you already have Terramodel, you already have the 3DVisualizer command that displays one surface in a perspective view. When that’s not enough, add Terramodel Visualizer Complete.


Visualizer Complete

  • Display topographically-accurate terrains, maps and 3D scenes built using Terramodel.
  • Move from point to point, rotate the scene, add lighting, and place design elements in the surrounding area.
  • Render data to create realistic walk or fly-throughs.
  • Create and record flight paths through the project and produce .AVI movies of recorded flight paths.
  • Create finished presentations of existing and proposed design to improve communication with clients and to see potential problems.
  • Create Custom Surface, Wireframe, Background and Point Colours.
  • Display textures and lines on multiple surfaces
  • Add 3D representations of landscaping features such as trees, signs and buildings.
  • Control shaded-surface display modes.
  • Render multi-sided linear objects such as pipes, beams and columns.
  • Capture and print high-resolution images in popular formats like TIFF.
  • Edit the terrain model model entirely within the 3D Visualizer
  • Drape orthophoto images
  • View the project in stereo (with extra hardware).
An image generated in Terramodel Visualiser Complete from a Terramodel project with an aerial photograph.

Visualizer Complete modules can be purchased from Geocomp Systems and added to your Terramodel key. Without a key, Visualizer Complete runs in demo mode where it is fully functional but restricted to the included data.

Download the installer (518 MB) or find the installer on a Terramodel installation CD, DVD or USB drive. Then run Setup.exe to install.

Terramodel Visualizer 2.05 Release Notes.



To buy Visualizer, or any other Terramodel Paks, modules or Customer Care Membership, please contact Geocomp Systems.


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