Terramodel TerraPak

TerraPak integrates all aspects of terrain modelling, mapping, design and engineering. It contains all of the tools a civil engineer will need to perform site, channel, railway and roadway design. The construction engineer is fully catered for with effective tender bid and quantity take off tools. From survey entry to final design plans – you’ve got it all at your fingertips with Terramodel TerraPak.

This package includes the modules in ConstructionPak (Field data, CAD, COGO, Contour, Site Design, Roadway and ASAP) plus Image Manager, Drainage Design and Hydrology.

Roadway and Site Design

The tools you need for simple or complex road design and construction, lots more you want and some you’ll just love.

Drainage Design and Hydrology

Automatically determine drainage areas from a DTM, design open channels and pipes, and consider hydrology.

Field Data, CAD, COGO and Contour

Drafting, import, export, compute, display and measure survey data. Includes 3D Visualizer, Image Manager Lite and Terramodel Macro Language.


Automated Sheet Assembly and Production provides powerful drafting automation features that dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of finished plan production for alignment based sheets.

Image Manager

Import aerial photos into your project. Place them in position. Limit them to boundaries. Use them in your reports, digitise from them.

Geocomp Update

Geocomp Update includes hundreds of additional and modified commands by Geocomp Systems.


Add Visualizer Complete to drape your photos on your DTMs and see them in perspective.



To buy Terramodel Paks, modules or Customer Care Membership, please contact Geocomp Systems.


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