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Geocomp Systems

Once upon a time, Civil Engineers and Surveyors relied on their trusty pencils,
calculators and theodolites to design and survey.

Since 1981, we continue to help our customers survey and design with software such as Geocomp and Terramodel and with our renowned Customer Care Membership.

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What's New

Geocomp Update N

Geocomp Update N for Terramodel 10.61 was released by email and www in January 2021.

Paid-up Customer Care Member? Don’t wait for an email: download Geocomp Update N now

New and improved features include

    • Toggling labels automatically adjusts the view scale so numbers, elevations and names of points are displayed at a legible size.
    • Both Colour and Color commands are enabled for any installation language
    • New DeadSets command shows and creates “dead” regions where contours are suppressed.
    • New DRNVolms command computes volumes of drainage ponds.
    • New GCAreas commmand reports areas, lengths and volumes by regions and layer list.
    • New Heatmap command quickly colours by cut and fill depths
    • New TriSwap command swaps adjacent DTM triangles.
    • New GridPlan command easily transforms between geodetic and ground-based coordinate systems.
    • Showdir command uses a new linetype to quickly display the direction, start and end of plines and sets.
    • Keystroke Macros.

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