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Software for Civil Engineers and Surveyors

Geocomp Systems

Once upon a time, Civil Engineers and Surveyors relied on their trusty pencils,
calculators and theodolites to design and survey.

Since 1981, we continue to help our customers survey and design with software such as Geocomp and Terramodel and with our renowned Customer Care Membership.

To purchase Terramodel, experience a demo, add more modules or join our
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What's New

Geocomp Update P

Geocomp Update P for Terramodel 10.61 was released by email and www in April 2022.

Paid-up Customer Care Member? Don’t wait for an email: download Geocomp Update P now

New and improved features include

                • New software changes log
                • Improved menu files
                • More Help for Trimble devices
                • More aliases including German language commands
                • New commands to rename lots, add brackets text, rotate text, report, manage roadways and reference projects, locate objects, and more
                • Improved commands to label grades, hatch behind text, align text, edit configuration, break a vertical alignment, remove duplicate points, label points, filter, adjust DTMs, move points, add points, update elevations, label dimensions, report and more
                • Improved import from SCS900, .DXF, .LAS and .12DA, and export to .KMZ, .XML, .DXF and .12DA

Geocomp Systems

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