About Us

Geocomp Systems

Once upon a time, Civil Engineers and Surveyors relied on their trusty pencils, slide rules, theodolites and field books to design and survey.

In 1981, the ‘Magnificent Seven’, academics and students of the Melbourne University Surveying Department created Survey Computing Consultants with a consulting bureau to process surveys and compute volumes and also a software development arm.

We extended our Spatial Data System to include road design, drainage design, perspective views, plotting and file conversion. This became our Geocomp DOS software package that our customers needed on their new computers to bring together their new survey gear, data recorders and plotters, of whatever brand. Once Windows became our customers’ dominant operating system, we teamed up with the developers of Terramodel for Windows.

Since 1993, we have added our Hydrographic Data Management System (HDMS), our Geocomp Updates and our legendary support.

Survey Computing Consultants became Geocomp Systems Pty Ltd and our office has moved from Carlton, to Hawthorn East and now to Blackburn.
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