Terramodel DesignPak

DesignPak adds Site Design Module to SurveyPak for designing terrain models.

DesignPak includes Field Data, CAD, COGO, Contour and Site Design Modules.

Site Design

Use a wide range of DTM surface design tools.

Experiment with different layouts quickly and easily to find the perfect design.

Each surface can have millions of points.


Drafting, speed, accuracy and flexibility. Eliminate the need for third-party drafting software.

Field Data

Import, export, compute, display and measure field survey data. Includes 3D Visualizer, Image Manager Lite, EarthWork volumes and Terramodel Macro Language.


Generate contours, cross sections and long sections rapidly, even when working with large files.

Additional Modules

Other modules that you can add to DesignPak are Roadway, ASAP, Hydrology, Sewer, Images, Visualizer and Hydrographic mapping.


Customer Care Membership

Join Customer Care Membership from Geocomp Systems and renew each year for continuous customer support and our latest Geocomp Updates.

All Terramodel Paks sold by Geocomp Systems include our Customer Care Membership for at least three months. Even if you do not renew, you keep your Terramodel modules and your Geocomp Update with hundreds more commands!



To buy Terramodel Paks, modules or Customer Care Membership, please contact Geocomp Systems.



You may also want some specialised commands such as Drill Hole Pattern Design and Setout.

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