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Applications supplied by Geocomp Systems: Terramodel, Quantm, GeoNav, Geocomp and iWitness, are protected by Software Licence Authentication keys. These keys are also known as security tokens, devices, keys, locks or dongles.

These keys allow our software to be installed on multiple computers, and be freely backed up, but limit the number of seats (computers running the software simultaneously).

Each USB or parallel-port key contains a chip containing the software modules enabled for that key number. The key is plugged into the computer on your desk or in your hand, unless you use an application like TeamViewer or Citrix to connect to a remote computer that has the software and key installed. Some large organisations have legacy multi-seat server keys which are no longer issued.

If you have or want a key for some other application, contact your local dealer for that application.

Upgrade Codes

When the software runs, it reads the key to determine the valid applications, modules, versions, and for demos, number of days. For new Terramodel sales and key swaps, the keys are usually supplied with timed modules. Permanent modules are supplied by email after payment is received. In addition, for the Geocomp Update, we supply a file with key numbers known to have current Customer Care Membership.


Terramodel modules and Geocomp Update require the key to be attached to the computer and the Sentinel key drivers to be installed. Install the Sentinel driver 7.5.9 supplied with Terramodel and the Geocomp Update. Windows 10 Enterprise users only must also install 7.6.0.

This table shows which drivers and keys work with each software version, and the link to a source of the drivers, and driver testing and clean up utilities.

A simplified matrix of our software, dongles and Windows versions
SoftwareModel of dongleColour of dongleType of port
colour of light
Company logo or name on original paper label or printed on key (if any) Link = Driver required
None = No driver required
N/A = No software available
DOS98 SEXPVista7, 8 & 10
Geocomp to 9.07 or GeoNav Office to 3.55Rainbow Sentinel C and C Version ALight greyParallelGeocompNoneNoneN/AN/AN/A
Geocomp to 9.11 or GeoNav OfficeRainbow Sentinel C Version B or CPlusBLight grey or beigeParallelGeocompNoneNoneN/AN/AN/A
Geocomp from 9.13 to 10.2, GeoCalc to 4.1 or GeoNav OfficeRainbow Sentinel C Version B or CPlusBLight grey or beigeParallelGeocompNoneNoneSentinelN/AN/A
Geocomp 10.1 or 10.2SafeNet SentinelBlack&yellowUSB
Green light
Paydirt DOSRainbow Sentinel ScribeRedParallelPaydirtNoneN/AN/AN/AN/A
Paydirt WindowsRainbow Sentinel SuperProRed or BeigeParallelGeocomp or SpectraPrecision or +3 or TrimbleN/ANone Sentinel N/AN/A
Paydirt WindowsRainbow SentinelPurple, Yellow or Black&yellowUSB
Green light
Geocomp or TrimbleN/ANone Sentinel N/AN/A
Terramodel DOSRainbow Sentinel ProBeigeParallel+3NoneN/AN/AN/AN/A
Terramodel Field DataNone   N/ANoneNoneNoneNone
Terramodel or VisualizerRainbow Sentinel SuperProRed or BeigeParallelGeocomp or SpectraPrecision or +3 or TrimbleN/ANone Sentinel SentinelN/A
Terramodel or VisualizerSafeNet SentinelPurple, Yellow or Black&yellowUSB
Green light
Geocomp or TrimbleN/ANoneSentinelSentinelSentinel
Terramodel or VisualizerGemalto SentinelYellowUSB
Red light
Geocomp label on one side; TRIMBLE printed on the otherN/ANoneSentinelSentinelSentinel
Visualizer demoNone   N/ANoneNoneNoneNone
QuantmSafeNet HASPRedUSB N/AN/A Sentinel Sentinel Sentinel
QuantmSafeNet SentinelBlack&yellowUSB
Green light
Data Transfer UtilityNone   N/ANoneNoneNoneNone
GeoCalc 4.20None   N/ANoneNoneNoneNone

If you can't read a Sentinel key type because the embossed text has been obscured by a label, test using Sentinel Medic. If you can't read the key number from the label, use the software to read the serial/dongle number from the key.

Most of our software is now available with keys to suit USB port keys. If you have a parallel port key, but no parallel port, we recommend upgrading your software to the current version, so we can replace the key with a newer USB key.

Parallel ports can sometimes be added by cards (not USB adapters).

You can test whether the driver has been installed using Sentinel Advanced Medic. These are downloadable from Sentinel Support. You can run them from our installation drives.

If you need to manually install the driver, install the Sentinel System Driver from our installation drive or download the Sentinel Protection Installer at Sentinel Support. You will need administrator privileges to install the driver, but not to run the application.

If you are using a stand-alone Sentinel key, as you install the Sentinel Protection Installer, you can select Custom to install both the parallel and USB drivers but not the Sentinel Servers (which use memory and CPU time and are only required for multi-seat network licences).

For DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and Me, the Sentinel Driver is usually not required. If the application has trouble finding the key on those operating systems, look under "Control Panel... Add/Remove Programs" and uninstall all copies of Sentinel System Driver. If that does not work, try installing a newer version of the driver.

Lost, Stolen or Faulty Dongles

Our policy is to not replace lost or stolen keys, but we may offer to sell you another licence. Consequently, we recommend that you insure your software including your key for the replacement value.

Keys are usually robust and last for many years, however, like any other electronic device, they can fail, sometimes inconveniently, so the application cannot find it anymore. When current versions of Terramodel cannot find a key, there is no Products button under Help About and the only active module is Field Data.

If a key cannot be found, the most common reasons are that the:

  • key is missing
  • key is loose
  • key is confused with similar key also attached to the computer
  • Sentinel System Driver is not correctly installed
  • Sentinel System Driver is installed when it shouldn't be
  • port is faulty, non-standard, not activated in BIOS or not designed to handle keys
  • cable connecting the key to the port is faulty or too long
  • key is faulty
  • key is for different software or a different version
  • key is too old for the operating system
  • key is a parallel port key connected through a USB cable

Faulty keys are usually caused by:

  • connecting zip drives or other tape backup units to the same port at the same time
  • computer-to-computer data transfers through the the dongle
  • a bent pin
  • a worn pin or socket
  • a random or unknown cause
  • fire, water, vehicles or impact

If a key is faulty, we will replace it for free provided:

  • the faulty key is returned to us, and
  • the licence is included in a current Customer Care Agreement

If you anticipate that there could be a time when you need immediate availability of another licence, but don't want to purchase a licence just for that situation, consider purchasing a HOTKEY for AU$440.00. This is a Terramodel or Paydirt key, plus an activation code for all relevant modules, timed for 10 days. The code is supplied on paper, with the key, and entered by yourself only when you need it.

The fees listed above are for Australian customers and include GST. Customers outside Australia should ask your distributor or ourselves for the local fee.


Our licences are issued with conditions, including restrictions on transfer to other parties. If you have any questions about this matter, please refer to the documentation supplied with the software. Ask us for more information, if required.

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