Geocomp Update for Terramodel

A better, faster way to use Terramodel

Geocomp Update Q extends what you can do with Terramodel 10.61 and helps you do the old things better and faster with tools for:

Feature survey

Machine control

Terrain modelling

Flood irrigation


Construction survey

Data collection

Road design



As-built survey


Channel design

File conversion

Coordinate conversion

What’s new in Geocomp Update Q?

Geocomp Update Q requires Geocomp Update P. See below to download and install both updates.

Geocomp Update Q for Terramodel 10.61 was released by in April 2023.

New and improved features include:

              • New commands to: 

                • Copy road templates

                • Select point inside boundaries

                • Create 3D set that best fits 3D points

                • Import Carlson .RW5 surveys

                • Import .IFC surfaces

                • Export .LAS and .PTS point clouds        

                • Relayer objects to same layer as their reference objects

              • Various updates and modifications, especially for roadway reports and to enable ePlan submission to SPEAR via .DXF

What’s new in Geocomp Update P?

Geocomp Update P for Terramodel 10.61 was released by email and www in April 2022.

New and improved features since Geocomp Update P include:

              • New software changes log

              • Improved menu files

              • More Help for Trimble devices

              • More aliases including German language commands

              • New commands to rename lots, add brackets text, rotate text, report, manage roadways and reference projects, locate objects, and more

              • Improved commands to label grades, hatch behind text, align text, edit configuration, break a vertical alignment, remove duplicate points, label points, filter, adjust DTMs, move points, add points, update elevations, label dimensions, report and more

              • Improved import from SCS900, .DXF, .LAS and .12DA, and export to .KMZ, .XML, .DXF and .12DA


Installing Geocomp Update P and Q

If you already have installed Terramodel 10.61, and your membership is paid up to April 2023 or later, download the installers for both Geocomp Update P and Geocomp Update Q

Refer to our Release Notes for P and Release Notes for Q for more details.

Install Geocomp Update P first, and then Geocomp Update Q. Once you have installed both updates, and restart Terramodel, enter GCHELP at the Terramodel command line. If GCHELP does not show the version as “Terramodel 10.61Q”, enter TMCUSTOM at the command line, restart and try GCHELP again.

The current TML List describes the commands in Terramodel with Geocomp Update Q. Commands marked in red have been updated since the release of Geocomp Update P. If you want the latest version of these commands or to determine the membership dates for your licences, please ask us. Your membership dates and licence numbers are also on the Customer Care Certificate that we post to your company when you renew Membership. 

Current Geocomp Updates do not change your user-interface settings. Keep your Terramodel the way you have configured it, or use our EDITINI command to import different user-interface settings such as your own settings from another computer, or, for the full “Geocomp” experience, our new toolbar buttons, function keys and colours.


Installing Terramodel 10.61

If you have not installed Terramodel 10.61, first download and install Terramodel.


Modules and Membership

Most Terramodel commands require relevant modules on a valid Terramodel security key. Most Geocomp Update commands also require Customer Care Membership from Geocomp Systems.


New Geocomp Updates

Please check back here from time to time to look for new Geocomp Updates.