Photogrammetry for everyone

Imagine this. You are called to survey a complex structure you can’t reach such as a crane and you just have your ordinary digital camera with you. Take a few photos, and that’s your field survey done!

In theory, now you have enough data to build an accurately proportioned model of what you can see in those photographs. What’s more, if you know the distance between any two points that appear in both photos, you can scale the model correctly. In practice, you’d need a fancy computer and software, wouldn’t you?

That fancy software is now available from Geocomp Systems for less than you’d think.

iWitness is a digital photogrammetric system for easy 3D coordinate measurement on your computer using photos from your digital camera.

With iWitnessPRO, you can use special targets to start measuring even faster.

iWitness is especially good for surveys of awkward, inaccessible objects. Even with shaky hands or from a moving platform. Just use your imagination!


  • Affordable
  • Simple to use with automatic processes
  • Rigorous, robust photogrammetric orientation
  • Quality indicators at all stages
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Export to DXF and ASCII for Terramodel, Geocomp and other software
  • Can use many images and measurement points
iWitness Example

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