Terramodel HDMS

Terramodel HDMS Hydrographic Data Management System is a suite of tools used for processing hydrographic data within Terramodel. HDMS is developed by Geocomp Systems and is also available from major hydrographic equipment suppliers.


  • Adds on to Terramodel
  • Customised for GeoNav, Trimble HydroPro, Reson and other hydrographic systems
  • Imports depths, runlines, trackplot lines and events from hydrographic data in many formats
  • Imports and Exports detail and scenery files such as coastlines in various formats
  • Runline Labels
  • Trackplot Labels
  • Event Labels
  • Exports Data to Dredge Systems
  • User guide
A channel shown in Terramodel Visualizer

Hydrographic depth labelling

  • Easy to use
  • Hydrographic Office style labelling option
  • Each user-defined depth range can be assigned its own depth labelling options and text attributes
  • User defined depth text attributes include:
    • font
    • colour
    • placement
    • orientation
    • variable rounding of depth values
A shipwreck showing all points, a shaded and coloured surface and depths after removing clashing


Depth Clashing / Depth Weeding / Depth Text Overwrite Removal

  • Easy to use
  • Exceptionally fast (typically 1000 depths processed per second)
  • User-defined parameters including clashing width, text height and orientation


Data Binning to sample or decimate data

  • Binning options
    • Shoalest depth
    • Deepest Depth
    • Average Depth
    • TIN Surface depth
  • Bin Depth location options
    • Centre of each bin
    • Retain position of sounding
  • Statistical Options
    • Depth range (Max – Min) in each Bin
    • Standard Deviation in each Bin



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