Do you have millions of points from photogrammetry, bathymetry or airborne laser scanning and can’t do anything with them? GCGeocode from Geocomp Systems may be the solution.

GCGeocode displays millions of ASCII points in seconds. Load a whole survey, zoom in, identify points, smooth the surface, transform to GDA, or export to ASCII or Terramodel without losing descriptions. Work on the lot, or within selected squares. Then read the pertinent points into any CAD or survey software for further processing.



  • Display and process data sets over 2GB, or 100,000,000 points, in seconds

  • The file size is limited only by available RAM and your version of Windows.

  • Automatically geocode points into square cells for rapid processing

  • Configure cell size before importing data

  • Select all points, or points in selected cells

  • Import ASCII points in formats “E N Z”, “N E Z”, “E, N, Z” and “N, E, Z”, with or without a description up to 80 characters.

  • Export ASCII points in formats “E N Z”, “N E Z”, “E, N, Z” and “N, E, Z”, with description, if any

  • Export to Terramodel project files

  • Export boundaries of contiguous selected cells

  • Report coordinates and description of selected points

  • Convert geodesy between AMG and MGA

  • Convert geoids between GDA and AHD

  • Filter out points not close to the surface using a 2-dimensional polynomial function

  • Dongle-based security

  • 32-bit Windows application



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