Paydirt Sitework Support

Paydirt SiteWork 5.23 enables you to convert linework on paper plans into a 3D model for estimation, using a tablet digitizer.

The current version of Trimble Paydirt SiteWork is 5.23 which runs on Windows versions up to XP and is available from some Trimble dealers including Geocomp Systems.

Detailed installation instructions are included in the manuals and release notes supplied with Paydirt. The Release Notes, User Guide and Tutorial are PDFs in the \Documentation\Sitework folder on the CD.

You will need a Wintab driver to suit your digitizer. See plotters, printers and digitizers for our links to support for your digitiser including the latest Wintab drivers.

SiteWork licensing is dongle-based. If you have the latest versions of Windows and SiteWork, you will need a USB dongle/key and a Sentinel System Driver. See Sentinel dongles, security keys, locks and system drivers.

Sitework includes Terramodel CAD with powerful tools for data manipulation and conversion.


Windows Help for SiteWork

Paydirt SiteWork includes in-built Help.