Installing Geocomp 10.08 on Windows 3.1 and 3.11

  • Verify that the host computer meets the hardware specifications.

    You can run Geocomp 10 on 2MB RAM with MS-DOS 3.3 or 5.0, if you do not require many points in each data set, allocate 560 KB of free base memory and tweak Geocomp a bit.

    If you have MS-DOS 6.x (or equivalent) and 8 MB total RAM, you can run Geocomp to run at its full capacity of 132,000 points. MS-DOS 6.20 is assumed below.

  • Verify that the Geocomp dongle is embossed “Sentinel C Version B” or “Sentinel CplusB”.
  • Insert the Geocomp Systems September 2001 Distribution CD.
  • Using XTree, or some other file manager, copy all files and folders from the \GC10\ directory onto C:\GC10\.
  • If you haven’t got a CD, you will have to install on a PC that has, and copy the files over somehow.
  • Edit C:\CONFIG.SYS to include at the top of the file:
    device=c:\dos\emm386.exe noems ram
    shell=c:\dos\ /p /e:2048
  • Also in C:\CONFIG.SYS, load other devices with devicehigh= to free up base memory
  • Edit C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT as follows:
    • Add C:\GC10 to the PATH. For example:
    • Load a mouse driver. For example:
    • You may prefer to load ANSI.COM instead of ANSI.SYS. See
  • If you have a menu or shell, add the Geocomp 10 batch file to that. (Don’t use PowerMenu as this uses too much environment space.)
  • Run Geocomp 10 using your menu, or by typing GC10 at the DOS prompt.
  • Geocomp 10 User’s Guide is installed into C:\GC10\DOCS\GC1007UG.PDF. Since Acrobat doesn’t have a DOS viewer, we suggest that you order the spiral-bound manuals from us.
  • XTree and DOSKEY are helpful utilities in conjunction with Geocomp.
  • To set up plotting and printing, see Geocomp Printing and Plotting.