Upload and Download

We support a huge range of data collectors and recorders.

Rapid Survey Techniques

Our data collection system supports speedy and accurate pickup techniques such as:

  • A comprehensive feature coding system gives the surveyor complete control of point identification and stringing (joining of points). Chose numeric or alphanumeric feature codes according to your convention or instrument interface. Our recommended feature coding system is widely used in Australia and beyond.

  • Enter feature codes after taking the shot while the prism operator is walking to the next point. Take a shot to one target while another target is still travelling.

  • Pick up all points across a road before walking down to the next section and still have data string correctly. This means no need to walk down one side of the road and up the other.

  • No need to string existing surface points.

  • No need to follow a grid.

  • Pickup up random points, strung or otherwise, on the way without interfering with stringing.

  • Support for robotic single-operator total stations.

  • Code the whole survey in the field to minimise time in the office (no more join-the-dots).

  • Create an arc joining the previous three points, in the field.

  • Close figures such as pit lids without repeating the shot to the first point.

  • Enter trees and poles by radii.

  • Pickup one point and define as two features (for example, a fence and a driveway).

  • Include a note or an extra height or remove the height from a point.

  • Use control point files where the control is reused from day to day.

  • Earth curvature corrections are applied to all measurements when reduced to coordinates.

  • Compare observed and measured coordinates of stations.

  • Mean repeated observations between control points

Manual Entry

  • EDM Tacheometry

  • Stadia

  • Chainage-Offset-Height

  • Level book

  • Coordinates

  • Bearing and distance