Data Exchange

Conversion to and from:

  • DGN

  • DXF



  • Civilcad

  • Surpac

  • Ask us if your favorite vector exchange format is not listed here; chances are we support it too!

Data Collectors and Recorders


Transfer data from a huge and expanding range of data collector and total station survey output formats from platforms including:

  • ASCII (columnar)

  • Geodat

  • Geodimeter

  • GPS (by coordinates)

  • HP48 (depends on format)

  • Lisdat (on CMT MCV)

  • Leica / Wild

  • Nikon

  • Sokkia / Sokkisha / Lietz

  • TDS (Tripod Data Systems)

  • Topcon


Transfer points for setout (stakeout)

  • Geodimeter

  • Leica

  • Nikon

  • Sokkia

  • Topcon

  • ASCII (columnar)


Almost any digitiser that has an ASCII point output can be configured to work with Geocomp for data capture. For example: GTCO, Calcomp, Summagraphics, Kurta.

Directly input 3D data from the ADAM Technology ASP 2000 and MPS2 analytical stereoplotters. Drive the stereoplotter to a point in Geocomp. The interactive combination of stereoplotter and GEOCOMP is a unique photo-to-finish system.