Plotting from Geocomp 10

Plotting from Geocomp 10

GEOCOMP creates plans, cross sections, long sections and perspective views and plots them on almost any plotter that supports ASCII vector formats such as Hewlett Packard’s HP-GL and HP-GL/2, Houston Instruments’ DMPL, Roland’s RD-GL and DXY and Mutoh’s MH-GL. Write your own configuration file if it’s not mentioned above, or you want to tweak the output.

If you want to plot to a printer that does not support vector graphics, or DOS applications, third-party software is available to enable plotting from GEOCOMP to those printers and other applications. You can also print the current screen display on most printers.

Create your own symbols and line-types and add them to the supplied GEOCOMP library. GEOCOMP line-types can include symbols and width.

Create a legend of features included in a plot, showing the entity, description and an example of the symbol and linetype.

Our emphasis is on highly-configurable methods of getting your plots out fast in user-definable standard styles.

Plot files can be imported to CAD via 2D DXF or directly into Terramodel for editing.