Perspective Views Demo

Broadmeadows to Melbourne Airport Rail Link

In the 1980’s the Melbourne Metropolitan Transit Authority planned for a potential railway from Broadmeadows to Melbourne Airport following mostly vacant land under the flight path. None of the possible railways to the airport have been built, so far.

Using Geocomp 5.3 software, the MTA Planning Division and Survey Computing Consultants jointly designed:

  • the proposed alignment

  • the boundaries of the land to be reserved

  • models of the existing and design terrain

  • a simulation.

To run the simulation:

  1. Download the files

  2. Unzip the files into a new folder on a Windows XP (or Windows 98 or DOS) computer.

  3. Execute TULLA.BAT in that folder

The simulation shows the view from the drivers’ window of the design surface using perspective views of the cross sections at 100m intervals. The apparent speed approximates the design train speed when the demo is run on a 286 computer.

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