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Installing Geodimeter System Tools (SP GST)

Geodimeter System Tools is an application to upload, download and edit Geodimeter surveying data files. GST is useful with Geodimeter instruments and data only.

The Geodimeter brand was purchased by SpectraPrecision which was then purchased by Trimble Navigation.

Trimble have dropped support for Geodimeter Software Tools. Terramodel and Trimble Data Transfer Utility each contain functions which replace functions in GST.

Geodimeter Software Tools 2.02 requires Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4 Service Pack 4, 2000 or XP. We haven't tested GST on more recent versions of Windows.

GST 2.02 superseded GeoTool, Geodimeter Software Tools 2.00 and 2.01 for Windows and Geodimeter Software Tools 1.0 for DOS.

Geodimeter Software Tools 2.02 can be installed from these CDs:

  • Spectra Precision Geodimeter Software Tools
  • Spectra Precision Terramodel 9.7
  • Trimble Terramodel 9.8
  • Geocomp 10
  • Geocomp Systems September 2001
In each case, you can install by running setup.exe in the \SPGST folder.

GST will run stand-alone without a security key.

Check the unit settings after installation. For example, you might want to change the angle units from grads to DMS.

You can use an alias to launch GST from the Terramodel command line. This is included in Terramodel software supplied by Geocomp Systems.

You may need to rename your data files including extensions. Windows Explorer by default hides file extensions so you may want to turn this feature off.

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