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Geocomp Update for Terramodel

A better, faster way to use Terramodel

Geocomp Update M extends what you can do with Terramodel 10.61 and helps you do the the old things better and faster with tools for

Feature surveyConstruction surveyAs-built survey
Machine controlData collectionSubdivision
Terrain modellingRoad designChannel design
Flood irrigationVolumesFile conversion
DraftingReportsCoordinate conversion

What's new in Geocomp Update M?

  • Released September 2018
  • New and improved features include:
    • Update without changing your buttons, colours or function keys
    • Import your buttons, colours and function keys from a previous computer
    • Import AutoCAD 2018 and 2019 .DWG and .DXF files
    • Isolate command and user-defined files from C:\Program files (x86)\
    • Support for MGA2020 and AusGeoid2020
    • Create a table from text in a .CSV file
    • Import Leica surveys generated by a stylesheet
    • Create a rotated and scaled pline box
    • Remove triangles from a DTM edge
    • Create a set following triangle sides or segments
    • Export to Google Earth with filled polygons
    • Display quick profile with rotate, shift and alignment modes
    • Compute shadows
    • Wrap multi-line text

Installing Geocomp Update M

If you already have installed Terramodel 10.61, and your membership is paid up to 1 September 2018 or later, download just the Geocomp Update M. See release notes.

To enable the changes made by Geocomp Update M, you must start Terramodel then enter TMCUSTOM at the command line. This adds the new C:\TMCUSTOM\Geocomp\ folder to the Terramodel Search Path. After you restart Terramodel, enter GCHELP to confirm that you have enabled Geocomp Update M.

The current TML List describes the commands in Terramodel with Geocomp Update M. Commands marked in red have been updated since the release of Geocomp Update L. If you want the latest version of these commands or to determine the membership dates for your licences, please ask us. Your membership dates and licence numbers are also on the Customer Care Certificate that we post to your company when you renew Membership.

Unlike previous Geocomp Updates, Geocomp Update M does not change your user-interface settings. This way you keep your Terramodel the way you have configured it.

If you want the full Geocomp Update experience, with new toolbar buttons, function keys and colours, first download and install Geocomp Update K. See the release notes for K.

Installing Terramodel 10.61

If you have not installed Terramodel 10.61, first find a Terramodel 10.61 installation CD, DVD or USB drive, download our Complete Terramodel 10.61K+L installation or ask us to supply the same installation on a USB drive. This complete installation includes Trimble Terramodel 10.60 and the upgrades to 10.61 and Geocomp Update K.

If you have the complete installation on USB, use Windows Explorer to browse to the drive. If you have the .ISO file, use Windows Explorer to right-click then select Mount.

If Mount is not on the right-click menu, Open with... Windows Explorer. Alternatively, extract the whole contents of the .ISO to the root of a USB drive, or burn a DVD. To add Mount to the right-Click menu, associate .ISO files with Windows Explorer (in Windows 8 and 10), or with a program such as WinCDEmu or Power2Go.

Once you have the drive letter, browse to root of the drive. (Do not simply extract the contents to a folder).

Select autorun.exe to open the installation menu. Select Complete Installation then complete the steps to install Trimble Terramodel 10.60, the upgrade to 10.61 and the Sentinel dongle drivers. Install Geocomp Updates K if you want. Then download and install Geocomp Update M (see above) instead of the Geocomp Update from K to L.

Modules and Membership

Most Terramodel commands require relevant modules on a valid Terramodel security key. Most Geocomp Update commands also require Customer Care Membership from Geocomp Systems.

New Geocomp Updates

Please check back here from time to time to look for new Geocomp Updates.

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