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Geocomp Updates for Terramodel

Geocomp Update

A better, faster way to use Terramodel

Geocomp Update extends what you can do with Terramodel 10.61 and helps you do the the old things better and faster with tools for

  • Feature survey
  • Construction survey
  • As-built survey
  • Machine control
  • Data collection
  • Subdivision
  • Terrain modelling
  • Road design
  • Channel design
  • Estimation
  • File conversion
  • Coordinate conversion
  • Reporting
  • Drafting

What's new in Geocomp Update K?

  • Was first released on this page in September 2015
  • Has many new and improved commands including:
    • DWG/DXF import and export
    • Hydrographic mapping
    • Shade by elevation, depth or slope ranges
    • Purge all unused blocks
    • Trace internal boundaries
    • Quickly isolate by toolbar button
    • Import lidar .LAS & .OBJ
    • Download your own updates (see below)
  • Here are the full release notes (18 pages).

Geocomp Update for Terramodel 10.61K

If your Customer Care Membership is paid up to 1 September 2015 or later, and we have registered your email address against your licence number, we will email you with a link to this page. To determine the membership dates for your licences, please refer to the Customer Care Certificate that we post to your company when you renew Membership.

If you already have installed Terramodel 10.61, and your membership is paid up to 1 September 2015 or later, download Geocomp Update from Infinit and install the Geocomp Update 10.61K. This replaces files from any previously installed Geocomp Update.

If your browser is Internet Explorer, the download may at first appear to not be working even when it is. See below for an explanation of how the Infinit download works.

If your membership is not paid up, do not install this Geocomp Update, otherwise some Terramodel commands may stop working.

If you cannot download the Geocomp Update, we can send you a USB drive with Terramodel 10.61K Complete including the Geocomp Update.

Terramodel 10.61K Complete

Geocomp Systems supplies a USB drive containing the full installation of Terramodel 10.61K with all new purchases of Terramodel licensees and to our Customer Care Members on request. This drive includes Trimble Terramodel 10.60, the upgrade to Trimble Terramodel 10.61, Geocomp Update 10.61K and documentation. You can also download an image of that drive in one .ISO file.

If your browser is Internet Explorer, the download may at first appear to not be working even when it is. See below for an explanation of how the Infinit download works.

To create your own installation drive from that .ISO file, you can right-click then mount a virtual installation disk (since Windows 8), extract to your own empty USB drive or burn your own DVD. Then select autorun.exe to open the installation menu and install the complete Trimble Terramodel 10.60, the upgrade to 10.61, our Geocomp Update for 10.61K and the Sentinel drivers.

Modules and Membership

Most Terramodel commands require relevant modules on a valid Terramodel security key. Most Geocomp Update commands also require Customer Care Membership from Geocomp Systems. Please ask us how to get your modules and membership.

The TML List

The commands in the Geocomp Update are described in the TML List. You can download the current list.


Our download links are to our own website or to a link on the external host site, Infinit. When you click on the link, you should be sent to an Infinit page with a Geocomp logo and a big red DOWNLOAD button for your file.

Click on the big red DOWNLOAD button, then your browser will immediately begin to download the file and you get another big red button, labelled CREATE YOUR OWN LINKS. Just click on the X at thr top-right of the message to close the button. You do not need to create your own links, or download or install Infinit.

Each browser downloads the file in its usual way. For example, Firefox may ask you to Save As and Chrome may show you the download progress in the bottom left corner. Internet Explorer may not appear to respond for a long time because it waits until the whole file has downloaded. Some browsers also take a while to virus check. If you have trouble with one browser, try another one.

If you do download and install Infinit, you can use the Infinit app to

  • Send anyone links to your own files.
  • Quickly transfer any files directly to and from Infinit users including yourself and Geocomp Systems.

Subsequent updates

New files

Check back here from time to time to look for new Geocomp Updates.

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