Upgrading to Geocomp 10.2

Upgrading from Geocomp 10.08 or 10.1 to 10.2


            1. Obtain the Geocomp 10.2 upgrade files from Geocomp Systems
            2. Install Geocomp 10.08 or Geocomp 10.1 for your operating system, if you haven’t already.
            3. Follow the installation instructions supplied with the upgrade files.


USB Dongles

Geocomp 10.2 dongles can be either parallel port or USB. If you have a Geocomp licence with current Customer Care Membership, and you need to exchange a parallel port dongle for a USB dongle, contact Geocomp Systems. USB dongles for Geocomp require Windows 98 SE or Windows XP.


Windows XP, Vista and 7

Windows XP (32-bit) is an excellent operating system for Geocomp.

If you have XP64 bit, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux or Mac OS you need to install Windows XP32 first to provide Real-mode DOS. See Installing Geocomp on Vista, Windows 7… .