Terramodel SurveyPak

SurveyPak includes the solutions a surveyor needs to go from field to plot quickly.

Draft, report, map, compute, survey, contour and convert.

The modules included in the SurveyPak are Field data, CAD, COGO and Contour.

Field Data

Import, export, display and measure field survey data.

Includes 3D Visualizer, Image Manager Lite, Terramodel Macro Language and Earthwork Volumes.


Perform traditional coordinate geometry calculations with unmatched speed and accuracy using Terramodel’s point-based system and NTv2 distortion grids.


Drafting, speed, accuracy and flexibility for timely first-class plots.

Eliminate the need for third-party drafting software.

Any point can be 2D or 3D in this point-based system.


Generate contours very fast and accurately, even when working with large files.

Determines breaklines and duplicate points automatically.

Extract long and cross sections.

Additional Modules

Other modules that you can buy from Geocomp Systems are Site design, Roadway, Sheet assembly, Hydrology, Sewer, Images, Visualizer or Hydrographic mapping.


Customer Care Membership

Join Customer Care Membership from Geocomp Systems and renew each year for continuous customer support and our latest Geocomp Updates.

All Terramodel Paks sold by Geocomp Systems include our Customer Care Membership for at least three months. Even if you do not renew, you keep your Terramodel modules and your Geocomp Update with hundreds more commands!



To buy Terramodel Paks, modules or Customer Care Membership, please contact Geocomp Systems.

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