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How to use Windows Help for Terramodel


The Help menus in Terramodel, Paydirt, Visualizer and GeoCalc are built on the Microsoft WinHlp32 platform. These menus allow you to look up details of many commands by searching for keywords, browsing through menus and pressing F1.

For Terramodel to open WinHlp32 Help pages, either WinHlp32.exe or Terramodel 10.61L must be installed. The other applications require WinHlp32.

The main points

  • Only if WinHlp32 is enabled, does Terramodel Contents command and the F1 key open any Help pages.
  • On Windows XP, WinHlp32 is a standard feature.
  • On Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1, WinHlp32 is an optional feature.
  • On Windows 10, WinHlp32 is not available.
  • On Windows 10, Terramodel Contents command is not available. Instead, install Geocomp Update L.
  • On all versions of Windows from XP to 10, installing Geocomp Update L adds an Index + Search submenu.
  • On Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1, install local macros.
  • Some Terramodel Help pages are not dependant on WinHlp32.


If WinHelp32 is installed, the Contents command in Terramodel opens Terramodel Help with tabs for Contents, Index and Search, the Welcome page leads, directly or indirectly, to the separate Help modules and the Function key F1 opens context-sensitive help for some commands.

If Geocomp Update L has been installed, the Help menu has added items for Index + search, Documents and TML List.

Index + search is a submenu with help modules for Terramodel, Import + Export, Raw data editor, Toolbox, 3D Visualizer, Visualizer Complete and Geodimeter File Editor.

The Documents page links to many manuals, user guides training guides.

The TML List shows details of all Terramodel commands supplied with Terramodel 10.61L. Some of these details have been copied from Terramodel help, some have been rewritten for clarity. Most are only added by Geocomp Update—and so not in the Terramodel help anyway.

Windows 10

To display Help pages in Terramodel, install Geocomp Update L and then use the Index + search submenu.

Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1

To install WinHlp32 on Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1

  1. Log in with administrator rights and Internet connection
  2. Go to Microsoft KnowledgeBase Article 917607
  3. Follow the instructions for your version of Windows.
  4. Enable local macros, if required

Windows XP

On Windows XP, WinHlp32 should be already be installed. Help should just work. Terramodel users should check that local macros are enabled.

Check WinHlp32

From the Help menu in Terramodel, select Contents. In GeoCalc, select Index. If you get a Windows message like "Why can't I get Help from this program?", or a link to a Microsoft web page headed "Error opening Help in Windows-base programs", WinHlp32 has not been installed.


Only if local macros are enabled, does Terramodel Contents command navigate to all help pages in the main Terramodel help file.

Macros used by Terramodel Contents are often disabled by default.

To test whether macros are enabled:

  1. Open Terramodel
  2. Select Contents from the Help Menu then Import-Export then Download/Import Introduction.
  3. If no Terramodel Help pages are displayed, check Winhelp32.
  4. If you get the message "There was a problem running the macro. (1037)", please enable macros.

To enable macros:

  1. Log in with administrator rights to modify the Windows Registry.
  2. Click on:

If you have a Terramodel installation disk, you can manually allow or disallow macros using the Windows registration files in the \Support\Vista\WinHelp folder.


If your computer is blocked from opening any .HLP files, use the TML List only, or ask your IT support department for help.

Only enable local macros; Terramodel does not need macros across the network.

If Terramodel Help starts on a page about Tunneling instead of a Welcome page, and that's a problem to you, install the Geocomp Update.

Some help pages in Terramodel included with other Trimble application are in a newer help format that does not require WinHlp32.

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