Installing Geocomp 10.08 on Windows 98

  • Verify that the host computer meets the hardware specifications
  • Verify that the Geocomp dongle is embossed “Sentinel C Version B” or “Sentinel CplusB”
  • Configure Windows to reveal file extensions as follows:
    • Start Windows Explorer or My Computer
    • Under the View Menu, select Folder Options
    • Select View tab
    • Under Advanced Settings, Files and Folders, untick “Hide file extensions for known file types”
    • OK
  • Modify Windows System Configuration files as follows:
    • Select Run… from the Task Menu
    • Type SYSEDIT
    • Select OK
    • Edit C:\CONFIG.SYS to include:
      device=c:\windows\emm386.exe noems ram
    • Save changes and Exit
  • Restart Windows
  • Insert the Geocomp Systems September 2001 Distribution CD.
  • If a Geocomp Systems Update September 2001 menu does not appear, either:
    • Restart Windows, close all applications, reinsert the CD and try again,
    • Enable AutoRun, close all applications, reinsert the CD and try again.
  • The following instructions assume that you are installing Geocomp to the default location, C:\GC10. If you require a different folder, the best way is to first install to your alternative folder then refer to the User’s Guide C:\GC10\docs\gc1007ug.pdf for an explanation of the directory structure so you can see what to edit in the GC10.BAT file and configuration.
  • Select Geocomp 10.08 from the menu.
  • Read the Geocomp 10.08 Release Notes.
  • Read the installation notes (this page).
  • Select Install Geocomp 10.08 and answer the questions.
  • If you get an “ikernel” error, restart Windows and try again.
  • Using Windows Explorer, highlight the Geocomp 10.08 shortcut C:\GC10\Extras\GC10-95.pif and select Copy
  • At a suitable place on the Windows Desktop, right-click and select Paste Shortcut.
  • Attach the dongle to a parallel port
  • Execute the “Geocomp 10” shortcut GC10 icon
  • Enter the activation code using the instructions supplied with the code. The code for 10.07 works with 10.08.
  • Please also refer to Chapter 2 of the Geocomp 10 User’s Guide GC1007UG.PDF in the \Documentation folder of the CD.
  • To set up plotting and printing, see Geocomp Printing and Plotting.