Agisoft Photoscan

Point clouds for everyone

Imagine this. You have haven’t got a laser scanner but you do have a camera. You have seen wonderful 3D images and point clouds created by specialist companies and you wonder if you could ever have the skills or cash flow to create such a thing for your clients. And if you could, what practical application would you have for them?

With PhotoScan software, photos, and your computer, you could:


  • Create and edit coloured point clouds
  • Survey complex shapes
  • Create terrain models
  • Create your own georeferenced aerial photos with a UAV
  • Measure distances, areas and volumes
  • Coordinate the data to control points
  • Write your own Python scripts to control the processing
  • Transform the colours for easier interpretation
  • Create realistic detailed models of any size: roads, buildings, people, industrial design, games.
  • Show a model move and change over time
  • Export to Terramodel, CAD, Google Earth, SketchUp, and more.



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