What's new in Geocomp?

Geocomp DOS is no longer available for sale or for Customer Care Membership – 2021

  • Our many customers who have used Geocomp DOS for decades have switched to Terramodel, or have retired, or both.

Changes to Windows XP affects some Geocomp users – October 2012

  • Some Geocomp users started reporting Error 7, indicating a lack of base memory, when they hadn’t changed their Gecomp software or processes. The problem appears to be due to an unknown automatic update to Windows XP issued in mid-October 2012. If you have this problem, and you have or want Customer Care Membership, please callĀ Geocomp Systems for advice

Geocomp 10.2 released – October 2009

  • Added support for USB dongles with numbers greater than 62800

Geocomp 10.1 released – December 2007

  • Added support for USB dongles

Geocomp 10.08 released – September 2001

  • Improved installation and many small changes since 10.07

Geocomp 10.07 released! – July 2000

Our latest update of Geocomp now supports:

  • More points: maximum data size = 131,000 points.

  • Bigger models: maximum DTM size = 99,999 points.

  • Road Design within the Spatial Data System

  • Two SDS display modes

  • Searchable manuals

  • Easier Installation

  • Twenty new SDS options

  • New plotter and data collector features

  • Lots of changes throughout