Piped HGL Drainage Design

Create piped drainage network designs and check existing designs.


  • Hydraulic Grade Line (HGL)

  • Rational Method

  • Trial designs automatically generated at the press of a button

  • Times of concentration accumulated automatically and considered in the design flows

  • Choice of Manning’s or Colebrook-White friction coefficients



  • Extract profiles from design and existing surfaces

  • Determine catchment areas

  • Consider multiple run-off coefficients and areas for all pits

  • Detect underground obstructions

Interactively, graphically, design:

  • Pipe invert levels

  • Pipe sizes and slopes

  • Pipe cover

  • Drops through pits

Change any of the above

and immediately compute:

  • Pipe capacity

  • Flow velocity

  • Pipe adequacy

  • Hydraulic grade line

Generate reports showing:

  • All the input data

  • All the resultant design information

  • Setting out data for drainage network construction

  • Plan plots

  • Profile plots

  • Pit schedules

The current version of HGL Drainage Design is 9.13.

We also have a similar Sewer Design module.