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What's New in Terramodel?

What's new in Geocomp Update M

Geocomp Update M for Terramodel 10.61 was released by email and www in September 2018.

New and improved features include:

  • Update to M without changing your buttons, colours or function keys
  • Import your favourite buttons, colours and function keys
  • Import AutoCAD 2018 and 2019 .DWG and .DXF files
  • Isolate command and user-defined files from C:\Program files (x86)\
  • Support for MGA2020 and AusGeoid2020
  • Create a table from text in a .CSV file
  • Import Leica surveys generated by a stylesheet
  • Create a rotated and scaled pline box
  • Remove triangles from a DTM edge
  • Create a set following triangle sides or segments
  • Export to Google Earth with filled polygons
  • Display quick profile with rotate, shift and alignment modes
  • Compute shadows
  • Wrap multi-line text

What's new in Geocomp Update L?

  • Released on USB and www in 1 May 2017
  • with many new and improved commands including:
    • Move a DTM to balance cut, fill or net volumes
    • Convert to and from DWG with AutoCAD colours
    • Relayer DXF to long layer names
    • Import 12DAZ, KMZ and LAZ files
    • Modify colour of objects in blocks
    • Create 3D chords along arcs, spirals, splines and vertical curves
    • Search and replace in an external file
    • Search and Index Terramodel help on Windows 10

What's new in Geocomp Update K?

  • Released on USB drive and www in September 2015
  • DWG/DXF import and export improvements
  • Many new and modified commands including:
    • Hydrographic mapping
    • Shade by elevation, depth or slope ranges
    • Purge all unused blocks
    • Trace internal boundaries
    • Quickly isolate by toolbar button
    • Import lidar .LAS & .OBJ
    • Download your own updates

What's new in Geocomp Update J?

  • Released on orange DVD in July 2013
  • Import DWG/DXF formats to Release 2013
  • New commands include BestFit, GCElev, GC29UTM, GCUTM3D, MultCode and SurvCont
  • Updated commands include ArcBreak, GCFall, GC71, GCKMLOut and GCTrace
  • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit help macros enabled in Windows Registry

What's new in Terramodel R2012 patch?

  • Released by Geocomp Systems by email in April 2012
  • Imports DWG/DXF formats up to Release 2010
  • For use with Terramodel 10.61

What's new in Geocomp Update H?

  • Released on yellow and white DVD in October 2011
  • Installation of 10.60, 10.61 and TMLs
  • New F11 point name labels
  • GC29UTM
  • DelBlks

What's new in Terramodel 10.61G?

  • Released by email as "Latest" in October 2009
  • TML updates

What's new in Terramodel 10.61?

  • Released as Trimble download March 2009
  • Importing DWG/DXF formats to Release 2009

What's new in Terramodel 10.60G?

  • Released on green and white CD on March 2009
  • Pages and pages of new and modified TMLs
  • 12DA in and out
  • Manifest file forces Terramodel to run as administrator
  • Windows Vista and 7 32-bit help macros enabled in Windows Registry

What's new in Terramodel 10.60?

  • Released as Trimble download patch in November 2008
  • Changes to roaddtm
  • Changes to suit SCS900

What's new in Terramodel 10.52?

  • Released as Trimble download patch
  • Limited release with Geocomp Update on CD on February 2008
  • Arcbreak command now has arc-to-chord option
  • LandXML surface

What's new in Terramodel 10.51?

  • Released as Trimble download patch
  • Fixed Vista/AutoDraft_undefined_objects crash

What's new in Terramodel 10.50?

  • Released as Trimble download patch in April 2007
  • New HAL and VAL editors
  • New DeleteSegment command
  • Changed Break command

What's new in Terramodel 10.43 with Geocomp Update?

  • Released as a Trimble download patch in October 2006
  • Importing AutoCAD DWG/DXF files to Release 2004

What's new in Terramodel 10.42 with Geocomp Update?

  • Released on purple and silver CD in September 2006
  • New SCS900 export script
  • Leica Roadrunner addon

What's new in Terramodel 10.40 with Geocomp Update?

  • Released on a light blue-grey CD on March 2005
  • New EARTHWORK command replaces VOLUME
  • New XVOLUMES command
  • LandXML DTM and alignment export
  • AutoCAD DWG and DXF 2004/5 import

What's new in Terramodel 10.31 Geocomp Update?

  • GCCOORD command for coordinate conversion of points, sets, plines and blocks, with Australian Coordinate Systems
  • LandXML points export

What's new in Terramodel 10.31?

  • Released as a patch from Trimble in July 2004
  • More Trimble Site Construction System 900 support
  • Double-click mouse wheel to Zoom-All

What's new in Terramodel 10.30?

  • Released on a dark blue and silver CD in March 2004
  • Field Data Module includes more commands
  • Support for Tunnels
  • Trimble Site Construction System 900 support
  • New scripts, including Callidus, Nikon and so on.
  • New Shape Manager
  • Various commands
  • Tips web site on installation CD
  • LandXML import

What's new in Terramodel 10.20?

  • Released on dark blue and silver CD in October 2003
  • SideSlope command
  • Zoom and pan by mouse wheel

What's new in Terramodel 10.13?

  • Released on a mid-blue and silver CD in July 2003 by Geocomp Systems
  • Coordcon handles Austrlalian and NZ coordinate systems on plines, blocks and text as well as points
  • New commands including FlipUp
  • Many new aliases

What's new in Terramodel 10.12?

  • Released on a sky blue and silver CD in October 2002 by Geocomp Systems
  • New English, French, Spanish and German menus
  • New and better import and export scripts including ESRI
  • Better AutoDraft
  • Security keys must be upgraded to lock version code 2
  • The software folder is now C:\Program files\Trimble\...

What's new in Terramodel 9.83?

  • Superelevation editor

What's new in Terramodel 9.82?

  • Released by Geocomp Systems on a brown CD in September 2001
  • Version control requires the security key to be upgraded to Lock Version 1
  • 25 new fonts
  • New long section and cross section plotting features
  • Trimble Survey Controller, Roading (DC) and 3000 instrument interfaces
  • More upload and download scripts for other instruments
  • Place blocks graphically using UnitBlk
  • Autodraft now includes an Editor
  • New menus available which include Geocomp Systems functions
  • Improved Raw Data Editor
  • Convert coordinate projectsion in Coordcon uses the fast NTv2 distortion grid method.

What's new in Terramodel 9.7?

  • Released in July 2000 by Spectra Precision as a patch
  • 3D View is now a part of CAD (not a separate module)
  • Create a perspective view of any layer which has elevations
  • Complex terrain models can be quickly displayed and viewed from any angle, giving users and their clients an accurate and realistic representation of the site
  • Capture a coloured image and place it in Terramodel or other software
  • An easier to use Geocomp Data Collector Interface and new scripts for Upload and Download The new Raw Data Editor ties the project to the survey data and includes Least Squares Network Adjustment
  • Specify the version of AutoCAD (including AutoCAD 2000) to use when creating DWG and DXF files
  • More road design features including intersection design, traffic island manager and stripping surface
  • MultilayerDTM forms DTMs from multiple layers
  • GCCOPY copies objects to a layer while retaining their properties
  • CENVIEW centres multiple views on the selected location, which is great for working along alignments
  • Import and export project files without needing to use TMX
  • Automatic dimension rounding can now be configured in the prototype project depending on your local authority's requirements

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