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Geocomp Systems's software solutions help your organisation to smoothly and profitably survey, estimate, design or construct civil works, maps or charts.

Choose any modules you need and add modules or licences later as your business grows.

Add support and customisation from Geocomp Systems for a winning combination - whether your survey instruments are yellow, green, orange, grey, blue, beige or black.


Software for civil design and survey.

Notable strengths of Terramodel 10.61K include

  • Point-based 3D CAD
  • Fast and accurate terrain modelling and volumes
  • Powerful road design
  • Data transfer to and from a wide range of survey and civil engineering systems
  • A huge range of extra commands by Geocomp Systems

Available modules include CAD, Cogo, Contour, Site Design, Roadway, ASAP, Image manager, Hydrology and Sewer.

By Trimble and Geocomp Systems.

Terramodel Visualizer

Extend your Terramodel with an interactive visualisation tool that displays Terramodel terrain and design projects in perspective with draped aerial photos and textures.

By Trimble.

Terramodel 10.61K Geocomp Update

Update a Terramodel purchased elsewhere to Terramodel 10.61K with hundreds of new and improved commands.

By Geocomp Systems.

Terramodel HDMS

Import depth surveys and plot charts with Terramodel using the Hydrographic Data Management System.

By Geocomp Systems.

Terramodel Supervis

Display views of your project design at your current GPS location.

By Geocomp Systems.


Photogrammetry for all.

Create and edit point clouds, 3D models and terrain models from photos.

By Agisoft.


Our own famous DOS civil and survey application.

By Geocomp Systems.


Identify points from photos. 3D measurement using photos.

By Photometrix.


GCGeocode displays millions of ASCII points in seconds. From Geocomp Systems.

Load a whole survey, zoom in, identify points, smooth the surface, transform to GDA, or export to ASCII or Terramodel without losing descriptions.

Work on the lot, or within selected squares. Then read the pertinent points into any CAD or survey software for further processing.

By Geocomp Systems.

Customer Care

For updates and phone support, we recommend you include our Customer Care with any software product you purchase from us, and renew membership each year that you continue to rely on our software for the performance of your business.

By Geocomp Systems.


We recommend training with any new software product or new staff member to get you quickly working productively. We can tailor training courses to suit your organisation or to assist you with a particular project.

Please email Jerry Cresp at Geocomp Systems for any questions you may have about your training options or see our scheduled Melbourne training dates.

By Geocomp Systems.


If you have any tasks that could be done effectively with our software, and you would rather we did them because you are short-staffed, insufficiently trained or don't have suitable software or hardware, we are happy to quote.

We can help you with volume computation, design, plotting, file conversions, training, custom software, software configuration and installation and planning the best use of your existing system.

Please email Jerry Cresp at Geocomp Systems for any questions you may have about our consulting services or see our contact page.

By Geocomp Systems.

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