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Spatial Data System

Graphics and CAD

  • Point based.
  • Any point can be 2D or 3D.
  • Up to 131,000 points in a single data set.
  • Graphic elements (called strings) include points, lines, centre-point arcs, three-point arcs and circles.
  • Commands are selected from menus, keyboard or function keys.
  • Display functions include Zoom, Pan, Fit, Save Views and Restore Views.
  • Strings can be any one of 999 entities (equivalent to features or layers).
  • Select entities to display.
  • Display Text at the scale of the proposed plot.
  • Display point numbers, heights, dimensions, annotation, descriptions, lot areas and lot numbers.
  • Reuse bearings and distances from existing data and previous data entry.
  • Delete and restore selected strings.
  • Display deleted strings.
  • Select points by many methods.
  • Drag selected points.
  • Edit descriptions, coordinates and entities numbers.
  • No need to specify text and paper size until output time.
  • Cut a line or arc.
  • Select commands by numeric keypad, keyboard, mouse or function key.
  • Edit any text in menus.
  • Reassign function keys.
  • Assign your own batch files or DOS programs to option numbers and the menus.
  • Load a new menu during a job.

Data Entry and Manipulation

  • Configure bearings in grads or degrees.
  • Configure coordinates as Northing/Easting or Easting/Northing.
  • Enter data in metres, links, feet or yards. Unit system is metric.
  • Integrate part of another GEOCOMP data set into the current session.
  • Close off or square up whole data sets.
  • Bring in data from a wide range of sources including data collectors, photogrammetry, digitisers, and manual entry.
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