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GeoCalc 4.20


Geocalc 4.20:
  • Converts coordinate data files between most of the commonly-used mapping systems world-wide.
  • Has user-definable parameters allowing deployment anywhere in the world on almost any spheroid or mapping system.
  • Includes a large number of predefined mapping systems and spheroids.
  • Includes Geodetic Datum of Australia.
  • Compares geodesy of the same point in two different mapping systems.
  • Calculates geodesy between two points. This reports plane bearing, azimuth/plane, spheroidal and transmission distances, sea level correction and line scale factor.
  • Is a 32-bit Windows application (which therefore requires Windows 95/98/NT).
  • Includes complete documentation in Help.
  • Is Copyright © Geocomp Systems 1999.
  • Can be downloaded free of charge from

Examples of supported mapping systems

  • Local Grid - chose your own
  • Mercator
  • Transverse Mercator - Australia (AMG, ISG, GDA), NZ, Germany, Canada, USA, Great Britain and Russia
  • Stereographic - Polar regions, Nederlands, Hungary, Poland
  • Lambert 1 Parallel - France, Belgium, Denmark
  • Lambert 2 Parallel - World Aeronautical Charts
  • Cassini-Soldner
  • Gnomic
  • New Zealand Map Grid
  • Skew Orthomorphic

Some of the predefined spheroids

  • WGS84
  • WGS72
  • WGS99
  • Geographic Datum of Australia
  • Australian National
  • Bessel 1841
  • Malaysia Kertau 1948 Everest Modified
  • North American Datum 1983

File Formats

Geocalc supports a wide range of ASCII text coordinate formats for import and export. Coordinates can be expressed as Latitudes and Longitudes, Easting and Northing or X,Y,Z.

The following coordinate file formats are predefined:

  • Geocomp Spatial Data System (.PTS & .STR)
  • Geocomp Field File (.FLD)
  • GeoNav Coast File (.CST)
  • UKOOA P1/90
  • X Y Z
GeoCalc 4.20 is an ideal companion for Geocomp, GeoNav, Terramodel or any other point-based spatial data system.
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